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Business Insurance

from The Lesser Agency

Business Insurance

If you own or manage a business in Illinois, you know how challenging it can be to get the company up and running, then keep it that way. Even minor emergencies can put a strain on your business if you are not prepared for additional expenses, especially if your company gets caught up in a lawsuit. Business insurance can help to cover some of the costs while you recover from emergencies and can give you peace of mind that your company is protected. Here's what you need to know about Illinois business insurance. 

Required Business Insurance Coverage in Illinois 

To comply with state requirements, your business must have workers compensation insurance to protect your organization if an employee is injured while on the job. You may also need unemployment insurance and disability insurance, depending on how much your employees work and how much they get paid. Our team can help you determine which specific coverages your business needs. 

Additional Coverage Options 

Although there are only a few required coverage types, there are several other business insurance components you may wish to consider for your own protection: 

  • Commercial Liability - This coverage protects you if a customer, supplier, or other visitor to your facility is injured. It can also apply to any customers harmed by using your products or services. 
  • Commercial Property - If you have an office, factory, warehouse, or other business facility, this aspect of business insurance protects the physical structure of the building. This can also include business equipment and machinery. 
  • Commercial Auto - Like personal auto insurance policies, this coverage applies to any company vehicle. 
  • Business Income - This policy type can cover any loss of income while your business is closed due to covered damages. 
  • Data Breach - As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, it is important to protect your company's and customers' sensitive data, including financial information. 

Protect Your Illinois Business 

The Lesser Agency is here to help with all your business insurance needs in Illinois. Get in touch with us today to develop a customized business insurance policy that meets your company's needs.