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Umbrella Insurance

from The Lesser Agency

Umbrella Insurance

Even with a carefully curated portfolio of insurance coverage, unexpected emergencies can still arise. If an accident or other emergency falls outside the purview of your other insurance policies or exceeds your coverage limits, umbrella insurance can make up the difference. This type of policy is designed to make up for any shortfalls so that you don't have to cover medical expenses or repairs for others out of your own pocket. Read on for everything you need to know to decide if umbrella insurance is right for you. 

How Umbrella Insurance Works 

Umbrella insurance is a unique category in that it doesn't just cover the policyholder but their family members or other household members as well. With most insurance policy types, you'll need to name all of the individuals you would like the policy to cover, but with umbrella insurance, you can skip this step. It is important to note, though, that an umbrella policy is designed to cover medical expenses for individuals outside your household and damages to another person's property, not your own. Finally, your umbrella insurance policy will protect you even when you are outside of Illinois, whether elsewhere in America or in a foreign country. 

Who Umbrella Insurance Is For 

This type of policy is best for those at high risk of being sued. For example, if you have a high net worth or are a public figure, whether locally or more broadly, others may be more inclined to sue you. Similarly, those who own swimming pools, trampolines, or other home features that can cause injury may have increased liability risk. Even if you don't fall into any of these categories, though, an umbrella policy can enhance your peace of mind and help you feel more comfortable and protected. 

For Your Umbrella Insurance Needs in Illinois 

You can count on The Lesser Agency to assist you in setting up an umbrella insurance policy to suit your needs and budget. Unlike many types of insurance, umbrella policies are remarkably affordable, so get in touch with us today at 847-675-3111 to get the protection you deserve.